Sunday, July 17, 2005

Barley Fields of Nagir

B.H. Cummings | acrylic & watercolor

The clarity of the Himalayan air is reflected in this light scene, painted in 1987 by Ben H. Cummings, following a walking tour through these high-altitude farmlands. The sharp edges of the distant mountains, and the ultra-blue skies of the district, are faithfully respresented in Cummings' distinctive, photographic style.

The faint white line atop the mesa-like structure at the left is the west end of the Hispar Glacier, so the "mesa" is actually a moraine. Cummings was in his eighties when he traveled to the Himalayas; the vigor of the artist, even at this age, is seen in the rocky nature of the terrain he has just scaled in order to acquire this view.

Barley Fields of Nagir is just one of several paintings in Cummings' Himalayan Trip portfolio.


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