Saturday, July 16, 2005

Green River Ordinants

K.B. Cummings | pen and ink

Relentlessly marching across the 15"x21" ground, successive waves of color seem to approach and retreat as you watch. Waves of shadow, perpendicular to the undulating colors, are less noticeable, but gradually become mobile as you study the piece.

A single swapped column of green gives the piece its title, and breaks the lock-step of the march, lending visual relief.

One of the simplest of Cummings' math-moirés, Green River Ordinants was framed to reveal the underlying structure of the moiré. Thus we can see, at the edges of the piece, the intersecting network of curves on which the waves of color are imposed.

Framed with these elements behind the mat, the finished piece would be 13"x19".

Green River Ordinants

Framed (as is): $850.00, shipping extra.
Unframed: $500.00, shipping included.


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