Monday, July 18, 2005

Hedge of Night

K.B. Cummings | pen and ink, 2004

The writhing sprites and brooding eyes of Cummings' Hedge of Night reveal a very different vision than the simple math-moiré form of his July 2003 work, Green River Ordinants. Here, the underlying network structure seems to bleed through the superimposed colors—and yet, the curvilinear network we see traced in yellow and light green is not the same as the basal network.

The artist has instead made a fourth pattern leap out of the intersections of the "real" three networks that intersect in math-moiré art. Subtle and blatant at the same time, Hedge of Night is Cumming's most complex work to date.

As with previous framed pieces, this 15"x21" composition has been framed to reveal the underlying network structure. Matted to conceal these uncolored areas, the work would measure 13"x18".

Hedge of Night
Framed (as is): $1250.00, shipping extra.
Unframed: $900.00, shipping included.


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